Make working fun and easier with Quantum’s Hi-tech Array of Wireless Mice

    Like your smartphone, the mouse is an equally important peripheral that forms an integral part of your lifestyle. While working with a laptop or computer, your mouse is perhaps the most important input device and also the easiest helping you to accomplish the most complex tasks. A mouse gives you the power to take control of your activities and set things right. A mouse can be of various types including a wired mouse, wireless mouse and gaming mouse. Quantum Hi-tech’s mouse range lists some of the best mice you can find online. Let us have a look at the three types of mice to find out how unique they are from each other.

    The Wired Mouse— Simple, Handy and Super Efficient

    The wired mouse has come of age. From the trackball phase to optical sensors, it has gone through numerous design and feature-based changes to become a gadget of utmost convenience. Quantum’s wired mice are known for their extreme durability, stylish designs and lag-free connectivity. These mice are very easy to handle and have extremely fast responses. The wires are extremely durable and sleek that do not tangle and are just about the adequate length.

    The exclusive range of mice for PCs and laptops is available in a variety of designs and colours but most importantly they are priced economically so that you can easily afford them.

    Why Do You Need a Wireless Mouse

    Wireless mice are gaining more popularity than their wired counterparts. Removing the wire simply eradicates the problem as more wires mean more hassle. Wireless mouse can be of two types - Bluetooth mouse or Radio Frequency (RF) mouse that has a receiver. The wireless mouse is known for its convenience, aesthetics and portability that make it such a sought-after device. These are the virtues that you’ll find with Quantum Hi-Tech’s wireless mice. They are easy to use where you only need to connect a receiver to your system to make it functional. These mice can be used for casual as well as professional use which constitutes them as versatile devices. Despite their need for a charge, they have amazing battery lives that last for a long time. If you’re looking for the best wireless mouse for your system, then Quantum Hi-Tech’s exciting range of wireless mice has loads to offer.

    What Makes the Gaming Mouse Versatile

    For a gamer, a gaming mouse can be his/her most valuable possession. A gaming mouse is very different from a regular mouse that only has the left button, right button and a scroll wheel. You’ll find at least six buttons on the device that have customisable functions. DPI is a factor that determines the worthiness of a mouse. A wired or wireless mouse for gaming should have a good range of adjustable DPI settings so that the gamer is able to set the in-game sensitivity as per his/her comfort.

    Durability becomes a key factor in this case because a gamer’s usage of the mouse is more action-oriented than a regular user so the mouse needs to be as tough as coffin nails. The best gaming mouse has to have features that don’t complicate things rather eases them.

    You must check out Quantum’s flagship mouse, the Snype if you’re looking for which mouse is best for gaming. Snype is a gaming mouse that helps you to score better than the rest. It’s the best mouse for gamers that you can find. Apart from its ambidextrous design, the mouse has plenty to offer.

    There are several other features and specifications that you’ll explore while using the mouse. With such amazing features, the laptop and computer mouse for gaming may seem pricey but it’s valued at a very economical rate that’s more feasible than other top-tier gaming mice which are listed online. Despite being an out-and-out gamer’s arsenal, the beauty of Snype is that it’s equally efficient for regular use.

    Which mouse is best— wired, wireless or gaming?

    While each mouse type has its own set of advantages, you must select as per your preference as to what should suit you the best. Earlier, we explained what is a DPI mouse and how it helps in gaming, so if you’re a gamer and love to score big, then the gaming mouse should be on your tabs. If your work requires you to travel a lot or you prefer to keep your space decluttered, then a wireless mouse should be the gadget of your choice. For regular use, we offer you a wide assortment of wired mice for your liking.

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