Work easy with Quantum Hi-tech’s powerful cooling pads

    Cooling pads have been around for quite some time and proven to be resourceful companions to laptops. They are also called laptop coolers, chill mats, cooler pads and notebook coolers. If you’re not familiar with them, cooling pads are laptop accessories that help in keeping laptops free from excess heat. Laptops have become an important part of the work culture and each year they are being upgraded with more powerful features which causes a lot of heat to be produced. To help with easy thermal heat dissipation, cooling pads were introduced.

    Quantum Hi-tech offers an array of top-drawer cooling pads that will help you in more than just keeping your notebook heat-free.

    What to expect from Quantum’s Array of Cooling Pads

    Quantum’s impressive range of cooling pads is everything that your laptop needs right now. Wide and powerful fans with speeds between 750-1500 rpm that not only dissipate heat but ward off the circumventing hot air. Heat can be your laptop’s mortal enemy in the long run. That’s why you need Quantum’s dynamic cooling pads that will keep the heat at bay even during the most scorching days. They have wired metallic meshes that help in dispelling the heat without any hassle. The meshes are also built in a way to support the weight of your laptop. You’ll have strong (foldable) hinges at the end that will hold off your laptop firmly. The cooling pads also have angular tilts that help in adjusting your laptop according to your eye level so that you can maintain a healthy posture.

    To ensure that you can work stress-free, the notebook coolers have robust fans that are absolutely noiseless, giving away no sound and allowing for a peaceful environment to work in. You’ll find each notebook cooling pad comes with two USB ports to make the connection easier. Apart from their beautiful designs, the cooling pads are a durable body that can support any laptop irrespective of its weight. The flexibility is equal when it comes to size-based adjustments. Most laptops are between 10-15.6 inches, so if you have a laptop that fits into the size range, you can easily place them on the cooling pads. Despite their physical dimensions and weight, Quantum cooling pads are not difficult to carry around and can fit comfortably inside your bags.

    Highly Compatible

    You may ask, will your laptop be compatible with Quantum’s cooling pads. The answer is yes. If you have a Dell, HP, Asus, MacBook, Alienware, Acer, Mi, HCL or any other laptop with USB ports, you can place it on any of the cooling pads listed here.

    Buy cooling pads online at friendly prices

    Quantum Hi-tech is the best e-marketplace for IT peripherals that’s why we recommend you to make your cooling pad purchase from here. The website provides a stunning assortment of cooling pads and other PC/laptop/smartphone accessories that help you maintain a work-life balance. The website offers safe gateway payment and offline payment options to assist you in making your transactions. Once you visit Quantum, there’s no other place that you’d like to buy from.    

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