Laptops do hit rage mode. They may not fume with resentment, but they do heat up quite frequently and that’s not something you should root for. That’s why the cooldown is inevitable.

Explains why the cooling pad serves as the knight in shining armour (the last two words are both literal & metaphorical). Cooling pads have been around for quite some time and have considerably helped laptops not run out of steam. These cooling pads have built-in fans which lower the operating temperature. Normally people keep laptops over flat desks, pillows, beds, and laps which hinders the airflow, making the laptops hotter with time. To avoid such eventual heating, cooling pads were designed to allow steady thermal heat dissipation. This is useful especially during gaming or graphic designing where you observe laptops getting heated pretty soon.

It serves more advantages as well. Let's discuss how a cooling pad would be helpful for your laptop.


As discussed, the primary job of a laptop cooling pad is to lower the temperature but it helps to lower ambient temperature as well. This is basic science that laptops get heated faster according to environmental factors. For e.g., a laptop kept in a room at 45℃ will heat up quicker than the same kept inside a 20℃ room. Here’s where cooling pads come into the picture. Since it blows cool air into the laptop, the chances of the laptop heating up are less. Similarly, it keeps the warmer air away as laptops are also affected by air temperature that amasses around the device.


Apart from cooling, there are quite a number of things in which cooling pads make your everyday life quite convenient. Firstly, these pads come with multi-tier stands where you can adjust the pad’s height as per your comfort. Normally laptops kept flat are not coordinated with your back and eye levels. That’s why cooling pads for laptops provide the option to adjust the height so that you can maintain a parallel eye level with the monitor and your back remains straight.


 You might’ve figured out by now that the cooling pad doesn’t need connectivity to an external power source rather it’s a plug and play device. The notebook cooling pad just needs to be placed under your laptop and connected to a USB port which is there on your laptop and once docked, the pad will consistently keep your laptop cool at all times. There is an endothermic reaction that sucks up the heat from the laptop as the pad consists of crystal ingredients that convert to liquid. If the environment is cool, say below 25℃, then the liquid can retreat to its crystal form. This makes the cooling pad, last longer and saves on energy.


Before you buy a cooling pad, you must be apprised of certain points that will help in choosing a specific type for your laptop.

Total Fans: Earlier cooling pads used to consist of one or two small fans which had a moderate chance of keeping the laptop cooler. Nowadays, you may find as many as 5 or 6 fans which easily implies that the cooling process has gained more juice.

Fan size: While you’ll find cooling pads with 1 or 2 fans, it’s the size of the blades that matter. In continuation of the previous point, small individual fans work together as a single fan thus, the size of the fan blades determines how many fans can your cooling pad hold.

Speed of fans: The fan speed is mandatory because the greater the fan, the more the airflow, the better the heat dissipation.

Metal Mesh: The metal mesh top is important for two reasons viz., to support the laptop’s weight and for easy thermal heat dissipation.

We reckon that given the above information, you might have considered shelling some dough for a nice fitting cooling pad. What you additionally need to observe while using one is that it’s not blowing hot air as it will make things counterproductive. Local cooling pads keep crashing, especially if they are not from any recognised brand. This is mostly due to heat-related grievances. Also, ensure that your cooling pad doesn’t block your laptop’s bottom in which case the laptop fans can easily function. The following is a special recommendation from our side.


  • Product Dimension: 350 x 250 x 30 mm
  • Fan Dimension: 140 x 140 x 15 mm
  • Fan Speed: 750-1500 rpm
  • Air Flow: 23-44 cfm
  • Air Pressure: 0.45-1.35 mmH2O
  • Fan Noise: 11 dB (Min)
  • Current: 0.4A (Max)
  • Voltage: 5V DC
  • Power Input: 1.5W
  • Net Weight: 700 g

The QHM 350 Quantum cooling pad is lightweight, ergonomic and supports laptops with displays ranging from 10 inches to 15.6 inches. The 5-level adjustable tilts make it easier for you to adjust the height of the pad and fix it as per your eye level’s comfort. You’ll find 2 USB ports which make it easier to connect and there are powerful LED lights which not only make it look suave but also helps you to know that the fans are working. The best part is the price which is totally purse-friendly. We wager that finding a similarly efficient cooling pad within the same price bracket will be next to impossible (unless you find Quantum QHM 330 ?).