Holi is always a celebration of colours, food and get-togethers. Although things have drastically changed since last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the spirit of Holi never subdues and you can find safe and secure ways to celebrate the coloured festival. As Holi marks the end of winter and welcomes spring, the season of the new harvest, gift yourself or your homies the Quantum Q-8901 SoundShot-X. It’s the first in the range of Quantum’s TWS products. Bluetooth Earpods have gained significant momentum over the years as avant-garde audio devices that people would love to listen to. Today it has become a big market opportunity and Quantum is all set to launch its maiden range right before Holi as a gift to its customers who can step into the new season with a cool gadget. But there’s more to it than what meets the eye. Let’s find that out.


The very first thing you notice about TWS is the design. In-ear pods are in high demand these days. But the problem lies in the fitting. Some buds are shaped in certain manners that create fitting issues. This is a factor that many users complain about due to different canal dimensions. You won’t face any such grievances inserting the SoundShot X earpods inside your ear as it comfortably takes the shape of your canal. You also get rubber plugs of various sizes so you can choose the ones which fit best. And they are available in three colours viz. Black, Blue and White that complements the colourful festival so beautifully. The pair has an IPX 5 rating which makes it heavily resistant against sweating, water/beverage splashes.


Sound is the primary factor for which you buy a pair of earphones- to experience nothing but the best. The audio quality of the SoundShot X is top-notch. With massive upgradations in sound quality, the earphones have an amazing frequency response and treble extension. The bass is deep, soothing and has calming aural qualities. It hits you differently. The earphones are of superior quality so the bass content doesn’t clatter the pods. The Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity ensures not only faster connectivity but longer-range, which are important elements for more nuanced audio.


The charging case is hallmarked by an impressively long battery life which will help you during travelling, hiking or adventure sports vacations as well. It has a 700 mAh battery backup where the earpods (each with a 40 mAh backup) can charge up to a total of 10 times (from 0-100%) giving you 60 hours call and music time span. The case itself looks sleek and exquisite with a smart glaze that makes it neat to carry around. It’s made up of foremost quality materials which make it sturdy and robust. You can spend your entire Holi-day catching on to some nice festive beats and classic numbers.

It also has an LED indicator that lets you know how much power is left with the case. With the Type-C fast charging, the wireless bud case can obtain a full charge (0-100%) in just 1 hour.


This is a technology that separates the Quantum SoundShot X from the rest. The earphones are shaped in such a manner that they eliminate any external sound and help you to enjoy hours of uninterrupted music and call time. This year’s Holi is about being safe and socially distant from the world, there can be no better time than to sit back in your bed and connect with your friends virtually and relive those long-lost party moments. It has a powerful dual HD mic that delivers a crystal clear sound which those who are interacting with you can listen to and understand assuredly.


Any TWS model is noted for its usability features and how much it can do with minimum functionalities. With touch-controlled operations, the SoundShot X is so easy to operate and you can carry out so many functions with ease. The moment you pull out the wireless buds from charging, the right bud pairs with the left. You can then easily connect them to your smartphone/laptop/iPod via Bluetooth. Apart from that, it’s very easy to Power On/Off, Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down and Play Next/Previous track. Play in the loop all the yesteryear’s Holi videos and clips where you went bonkers with your loved ones. You also have Voice Assistant Support which guides you in carrying out each function.

With so many exciting new features, you have so many reasons to get the SoundShot X and spend a remarkable Holi inside your home listening to music, catching up with friends and reminiscing about previous Holi memories. Or present someone who can experience the same. The product is all set to launch on the 15th of March (tentative) and will be priced at ₹2999*. We wish you a safe and secure Holi and hope you stay indoors at all times.

What is the difference between AirPods and EarPods?

Earpods is a term popularised in recent times to hype up the TWS markets. They are earbuds that are powered by Bluetooth and don’t require any wire support for connections. AirPods are trademarked earpods owned by Apple. AirPods were designed to work with Apple products like iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, etc. Since they too are governed by Bluetooth, you can pair them up with non-Apple devices as well.

What is the price of EarPods?

It depends on brand-to-brand. Other factors include features and functionalities. A modest price range for Earpods that have basic features and good sound can be somewhere around ₹1500-3500.

Is it bad to wear earbuds?

No, on the contrary, it’s actually amazing. Earbuds without wire can be a lot cooler than their stringed buddies. However, size and fitting do come into the picture. Ensure that your earbuds enter comfortably inside your ear canals and do not cause any irritation.