• Have you seen gamers going bananas whenever they are in their vantage zones?

Quite a sight to behold, ain’t it?

The sheer pleasure of PC gaming derives out of the experience you get while you’re engrossed in front of your screen. A fully vested gamer is quite possessive of his/her gaming arsenals, which include the screen, the mouse, the headphones and, of course, the keyboard. ‘The Keyboard’. The days of any keyboard with basic ‘WASD’ requirements are to their graves; nowadays, gamers love to flex their mechanical keyboards or gaming keyboards (as they are colloquially called) with all the important specs.

Gamers root for mechanical keyboards as they level up their gaming experience. For example, QHM9800 mechanical keyboard which has individual spectrum lights, laser hollow keys and tactile switches when pressed, which makes a compatible choice for both gaming and typing.

Gamers are known for their aggressive mashing. A mechanical keyboard, in such cases, lasts longer because they are durable with longer shelf-lives, basically, better handlers of mashing and accentuate one’s gaming encounters.

Specs and stats become primary driving factors for gamers when it comes to peripherals like wireless keyboards & mouse. Here we list 5 rad reasons why gamers go all Sherlock while choosing their preferred mech-keys.


Even amateur gamers are aware that keycaps have switches underneath that control the function of each key. What sets each (keyboard) apart from another is the quality of the switches. These little nuances mean a lot to a video gamer. When they play for longer hours, especially the professional ones, the switches in a gaming keyboard provide the durability to handle all the grind. The tussle is between the linear and tactile setup wherein the former requires pressing the key all the way down in comparison to tactile where you hear a kinda clicky sound while pressing any key. Either bodes well for gaming depending on your preference and comfort.


Gaming can get heavily intense, and it’s the keyboard which usually faces a player’s wrath. Since this ensues for long durations, mechanical keyboards of superior quality are optimal choices. This becomes vital during online gaming, where the competition gets feisty in multiplayer scenarios. Mechanical keyboards are made of brawny materials that last for a long time. You do not need to carry the fear of damaged keys, sensor wreckage or quality degradation. You can hit ‘em hard and go unscathed without a scratch.


Gaming is a creative field and a gamer’s conscience is not bereft of creativity. A gaming keyboard is a product of artistic developments and the different colours it possesses, and displays tell a lot about how advanced the device is. The mechanical keyboard is to a gamer what a launchpad is to an audiophile. These artful instruments with their gleaming display of colour are customisable and brighten up your room even if you’re playing for hours after the sun goes down. You can control the switches and the light-intensity to have a fully lit setup in even the darkest rooms.


Gamers who have copiously used mechanical keyboards have only nice things to share about the peripheral. If you're a regular keyboard user and wish to switch to a mechanical gaming keyboard, it’ll be a massive upgrade that’ll propel your gaming escapades to a whole new pedestal. There are so many features that you can try out with it like lighting adjustment, program the macro keys, experiment with anti-ghosting keys, lock/switch for desktop/game mode, use the one-touch media controls and so much more. It makes it quite smooth to plug and play.


Having a proper gaming setup demands a good deal of spending. That’s why you want to buy your gears that are fervent to the cause. A wireless mechanical keyboard and mouse for gaming usually comes at a hefty price, so that’s why you should buy the ones that are suited to your needs. Just be wary of the quality and features before going for the price. The longer your equipment lasts, the better value for your money.

The mechanical keyboard absolutely crushes the competition with its unique set of features that makes it a standard choice for pro-gamers. The performance that you’ll derive out of it will be something that you’ll cherish always.

I hope this article gave you finer insights into buying a compatible gaming keyboard for yourself and enhancing your gaming performance. Gamers ponder a lot about the type of devices they need to equip themselves with to upgrade accordingly. In this case, choosing the right mechanical keyboard will impact your overall gaming experience.