Audio products these days have become the ‘BFFs’ for every person. Whether they are earphones, headphones, earpods, speakers or soundbars, everyone loves to stack a fine range of audio products in their home. The essence of sound isn’t always about more bass, superior treble or louder noise, it’s the way of innovation that calms your soul. With technological advancements and changing consumer demands, we at Quantum, keep procreating newer ways to enhance our audience's lifestyle through sound. That’s why we have introduced the SonoTrix series that aims to alter conventional ways of experiencing sound.

Over the years, SonoTrix has been a lucrative venture for us both critically and financially, which prompted us to add more audio products that give the user something different to get acquainted with. Below are a few of the sound devices from the SonoTrix series that you can check out.

SonoTrix X

SonoTrix X is a pair of TWS True Wireless earpods that lets you enjoy music without the inclusion of wires. They are excellent specimens of what audio quality, design and battery life among earpods should be like. These audio companions help you to work and enjoy music hands-free. Bluetooth 5.0 led to some fascinating evolution among audio products that can be observed in devices and specifically the SonoTrix X. They have higher bandwidth, heightened range, and low battery consumption. The bass frequencies in the X are satisfying to a great extent with a punchy feel rather than the flat one that you experience in Trap music. The built-in mic is another top-notch feature that easily filters out external noise to capture your distinct voice. Each individual earbud can last up to 6 hours, giving you ample hours of call and music time. The case itself lasts up to an impressive 48 hours and can charge the wireless earphones 8 times. There’s a lot to discover about the SonoTrix X, and we recommend you have a hands-on experience to unearth the best out of the pair.

SonoTrix 1

Wireless earphones have become increasingly popular over the years as the go-to companions for those who prefer wireless music. The SonoTrix 1 testifies that. They have everything you can expect from Bluetooth earphones, including ethereal sound, comfort, and value for money. With sweatproof technology, you can sport the earphones while resting, working or working out. They have soft rubber buds that will easily fit inside your ear canals and not cause any irritation. The pair provides 5 hours of non-stop playtime with one full charge, with a remarkable sound that you’d instantly like. The SonoTrix 1 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 which elevates your audio experience to the next level. Along with music, they are equally effective during phone and video calls due to the microphone that delivers crystal clear sound that’s pleasing to the ears. Why should you buy it— it doesn’t tangle, it’s lightweight and limps around your neck when not in use.

SonoTrix 31

The SonoTrix 31 is a cubic wonder. It’s one of the smallest of Quantum speakers but can be the quirkiest of the lot. For a speaker of its size, it has quite an impressive audio setup with almost every aspect of sound perfectly balanced. It has a full range of controls that are very easy to operate and works on the principle of soft touch. You can play, pause and change tracks along with increasing and decreasing the volume of the music. You also get a Trans Flash or SD card slot, which means you can play music without the use of your phone, tab or laptop. It surprisingly has a mic, which usually you don’t find in speakers of the same dimensions and goes without saying highly accurate. The 31 is small, compact and durable. Carry it wherever you go, whether at a jamboree or on an adrenaline-pumping trek to the serene mountains.

SonoTrix 51

The elder brother of the 51 is not just bigger in size but in everything else as well. With better bass, higher battery backup and premium sound clarity. It does have an ergonomic design with a durable body. But one specific feature that makes the SonoTrix 51 so special is its ability to play underwater. Yes, with the IPX 7 technology, the speaker is not just water-resistant but waterproof as well. The powerful 2000 mAh battery gives more than 18 hours of playtime* after you juice it up to 100 per cent. The rubber plus ABS coating gives it added durability which means it can easily withstand minor bumps. Along with Bluetooth, you have other modes of connectivity which include SD/TF card, USB and Aux. One speaker, so many ways to connect. It’s highly compatible and not deterred by software types. If you have a smartphone, tablet, iPod, PC, laptop, TV or video game console, the 51 is your perfect match for some unforgettable sound moments.

SonoTrix 81

Everyone deserves a stylish audio product that’s why we introduce you to the SonoTrix 81, a fine addition to the Quantum audio range. It has sound capabilities that can easily fill up a decently sized living room with ambient, thumpy sounds. The upgraded bass drive units create fantastic listening moods along with the optimised mid-range and high tones. Its dynamic audio range has been tried and tested with other expensive speakers and proven to be more varied, something Quantum puts forth proudly. Moreover, it is waterproof and dustproof, meaning a pretty dope addition to your pool and rain parties. It has an aux, USB, and an SD/TF card slot, giving you multiple ways to play, making it your friendly jukebox. Its avant-garde design has created quite a stir among buyers along with its ergonomic design. The speaker is anything but bulky and has a size that makes it visually appealing whether you pair it with your smartphone or giant-screen TV.

There’s always some crazy and fun stories whenever you’re partying and music is played out loud, the SonoTrix series will help you create such amazing fun stories that you can cherish as everlasting memories. Whether you buy a Bluetooth speaker, wireless neckband or TWS earbuds, the choice is yours, although we recommend all of them. What makes us so different from other reputed brands is that we offer tons and tons of contemporary features at such budget-friendly prices that you may not need to ponder much before making your purchase. Isn’t that great? You can go through the catalogue of our other audio products as well on our website.