7 Hi-Tech Gadgets to Give Your Workstation a Modern Makeover

A workstation reflects the person’s persona. People who are simple like to keep their workstations neat and roomy, nerdy folks prefer a more techie vibe, comic geeks like to put up pop culture bits and bobs and so on. Whether it’s your office or home workstation, it attracts eyeballs if you do something different. How you design it that’s on you but there are certain technological items that you can have in order to bring efficiency to productivity. With the increasing workload and ‘work from home’ (wfh) becoming a cultural phenomenon, we suggest an itinerary of gadgets that will not only ease your time at the workstation but also add brownie points to your lifestyle.

Mini Keyboard

Compact, concise and efficient - that’s what a mini-keyboard is. Due to its size, it doesn’t require much space and performs all the key operations that you need on a daily basis. It’s also highly portable due to its smaller dimensions that it can be carried easily in your bag without taking up much space. Such keyboards also have soft-press keys which means you can type soundlessly with them for hours without anyone getting bothered. Plus, a big and wide monitor with a mini keyboard is a trend that makes your workstation a lot more lifestyle-oriented.

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is a highly reliable input device that has more features than a regular mouse. With multiple buttons and customisable options, it makes working so much fun. The gaming mouse was originally intended for gaming due to its high functionality features but the fun part is, you can use it with equal zest for regular use as well. A gaming mouse has buttons to increase/decrease DPI levels, you can also go forward or backwards with the help of the mouse buttons. In fact, a gaming mouse looks way cooler than an average optical mouse and brings glamour to your workstation.

Power Bank

The portability feature of power banks makes it an extremely convenient instrument. Earlier it was just a portable charger but now it’s so much more. A high-functioning power bank nowadays has a highly developed IC which harnesses the device from hazards like overvoltage, short-circuits, overcharging, etc. If you’re in constant need of your phone, you cannot afford to plug it into a charger and keep it out of reach. That’s why with a power bank you can always have your phone by your side. Moreover, power banks these days have 10,000-20,000 mAh, fast charging with QC and PD technology and extremely durable and shock resistant bodies.

Neckband Earphones

Listening to music while working is altogether a different high and if you have Bluetooth neckband earphones, it’s a more pleasurable experience. The advantage of having wireless earphones is that you are free of consistent restraints that you face from wired earphones without creating much fuss. These headphones have smart sound control with all the high tones and mid-tones rightly balanced so that you can tune in to your playlist or listen to ambient music while working. They also have enhanced mics which filter out the surrounding sound to deliver crystal clear noise. You can also easily move around and lounge backwards on your chair and work freely while the music does its thing. When not in use, the lightweight pair of neckbands rests on your neck with ease.

Cooling Pad

Working long hours on the laptop, using heavy software and opening multiple tabs of Chrome leads to more RAM usage which further leads to more heat being produced. This becomes a matter of concern in the long run as this may result in performative issues with your laptop. To curb/prevent this from happening you need a paramount cooling pad that can drive the accumulated heat and pave the way for easy thermal heat dissipation. You need a cooling pad that has fans with high RPM speeds that can do that. There should also be angular adjustments so that you can place your laptop according to the position that suits your back and eyes.

High-Speed USB Hub

You may have multiple things lying in your workstation that are USB powered. Does your laptop have all the ports to let them connect at once? Maybe not. That’s where a high-speed USB cable comes in handy. A USB hub may have 4-5 ports that are adequately spaced so that you can easily connect USB devices like a keyboard, mouse, flash drive, external hard disk, charging cable, card reader, cooling pad, USB printer, LED lamp or any other device to your laptop. Although never required, a reliable USB hub can multi-connect up to 127 devices. With increased speeds and lag-free connectivity, you get to use various USB devices at the same time with relative ease.


While your laptop may have a built-in cam, it misses out on a lot of features that an actual webcam can provide. First of all, the ease of having an external webcam is that you can adjust it the way you like. They also have a wider angle than the one in your system. You can also rotate the webcam to adjust accordingly. There are other advantages like CMOS settings, auto and manual focus, smart exposure control, better colour control, etc. which make it a lot more fun to use. Webcams are also amazing combinations of camera and mic, the latter especially which has greatly improved with features like noise-cancellation that makes conversing during video calls so immersive and improved. Last but certainly the best feature, webcams produce such stunning imagery with 1080p Full HD images that it makes conversations livelier. You may also find additional features like depth-of-field control. Webcams are also preferred by gamers to stream their videos on various platforms.

The above 7 tech essentials can increase your speed and efficiency but more importantly, help you get the pleasure of working in your workstation as you have almost everything to streamline your daily activities. Also, do make your workstation eloquent with quirky colour combinations and artsy stuff to make it look a sight worth beholding to.