The work-from-home culture has become the new normal for people all over the world. Despite the gloomy picture that the coronavirus pandemic has painted, this hasn't stopped us from being connected digitally worldwide. Thanks to Canadian theorist Marshall McLuhan, who coined the term Global Village back in the 60s. Working from home can be fun even outside the gamut of your office timings. With some nice cool gadgets and accessories, you can geek up your home workstation. Several factors matter like what all you keep on your desk to make it look neat. More is not an option, it has to be smart.

Your table should not make you a slob. Declutter unnecessary items. All the paraphernalia should provide you with the comfort to help you do your tasks with ease. But it's not just the technology factor, it's the economic factor that weighs in as well. So here's what we’ll suggest to you: 7 desktop accessories that you can add on to materialise your work life in your homes.

1. Bluetooth Earphones- QHM SoundShot-1

Bluetooth earphones have become quite a trailblazing gadget in these times and when you have a the SoundShot-1 around your neck, it makes your life easier with superior sound. It has Bluetooth 5.0 which doesn’t create space for a single lag to occur along with enhancing the audio quality. The noise isolation helps to enjoy music and make calls without any disruptions. You can hang it around your neck as it has a very comfortable strap also you don’t have to worry about the buds being tangled because they have a magnetic clip.

2. Multiport Hub-QHM6660 USB 2.0 4-Point Hub

If you’re using a laptop or, more importantly, a PC, you will require multiple port attachments where your system ports won’t suffice or there will be space constraints. That’s why you must get the Quantum’s quirky multiport hub, which has a 3+1-port facility with a fast USB 2.0 speed that reduces latency, comes with a friendly design and is extremely economical. The data transfer speed is extremely fast.

3. Cooling pad- QHM330 Notebook Cooling Pad

Even though it can’t express, but your laptop after being used for prolonged hours will run out of steam too (well, not literally, then you’re in deep trouble). That’s why you need the Quantum cooling pad which has a built-in noiseless fan that helps for smoother thermal heat dissipation. The angled modulated design with a rubber finish lends easy support to the laptop. The multi-stage adjustment helps you set up your laptop as per your comfort. It’s non-slippery so there you go, you’re all set to meet those critical deadlines.

4.   Webcam- QHM495LM Web Camera

If you’re using a PC, you will need a webcam for all those Zoom meetings and Skype conferences. The Quantum QHM495LM Web Camera is an amazing webcam that has a 25MP resolution camera. It also has an inbuilt sensitive microphone with high-quality CMOS sensors. The 6 light sensor does a lot of functions like adjusting as per ambient light, managing screen temperature, screen-dimming post timeout, etc. It has anti-flicker properties with up to 60 Hz Refresh Rate. Even if your meeting bores you down at least, you’ll at least afford to look good.

5.   Quantum Mechanical Keyboard and mouse combo

One of the most thought and sought after desktop computer accessories are the mechanical keyboard and mouse combo. This debate is mostly among gamers but that does not mean their merchandise won’t be useful in daily life. The Quantum Gaming mouse is more useful than an ordinary mouse as it has a multi-button setup that has customisable functions as opposed to the two-button setup. The LED-backlit feature with a breathing colour display gives it a cool look. The Quantum mechanical keyboard is no less. With tactile keys and an RGB LED display, this is a wholesome gadget you need to perform your daily tasks. The keys are extra durable and it has more shelf life than any ordinary keyboard you’ll find. This is the awesome twosome combo you need; rather deserve.

6. Additional: QHM425 PULSE OXIMETER

Not exactly something to geek about, but this is more out of concern. The oximeter has been one of the most important instruments of healthcare lately that keeps your health in check. For CoVID related symptoms, a reduction in blood oxygen levels or an increase in heart rate during fevers have been observed. The QH425 Pulse Oximeter has a 4-way digital display with which you can read your SPO2, PR and PI levels. The Digital OLED demarcates clear readings. You just need to insert your finger and see the reading and disengage.

7. Quantum 660 UPS for Router

Working from home may have its perks but it may some pitfalls as well. During power outages, suddenly if your wi-fi disconnects, you get stuck midway and your time gets wasted. That’s’ why The Quantum 660 is your saviour in need. With its intelligent battery backup and power management system, your internet doesn’t have to die a thousand deaths and will remain stable even during long hours of power crisis. The double protection system guards the device against short circuits and overload.