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Quantum QHM7487 USB Game Pad with Dual Vibration & Turbo Function

The Quantum QHM7487 USB GamePad is a nice looking device which comes with amazing features such as dual vibration and turbo function. This gamepad controller comes in a sleek blue colour which will add style to your gaming setup. This is the best gaming controller as it has a cool and sturdy quality.

In order to provide you with the best gaming experience, this ergonomically designed gamepad controller has fun to press buttons which includes soft function buttons, special keys, direction buttons and trigger buttons and butter-smooth analog sticks. Talking about the buttons, the analog sticks offer the functions of 8-way direction buttons. It also comprises of 10 fire buttons and slow buttons. The internal board of this gamepad has an individual turbo which ensures clear function.

The top-grade built quality of this gamepad controller is completely up to the mark and you should not worry about it. It has been designed keeping the gamer in mind. You can keep on using this gamepad for long hours without facing any kind of discomfort. While playing with this gamepad controller, you will become totally immersed in the game and would be able to give your peak performance every time. You will be able to accomplish all your tough missions with maximum comfort and ease.

This good-looking gamepad controller is USB compatible with USB 2.0 interface. It can be easily connected to different platforms such as PC, android box and PS3. On PC, it works on operating systems like macOS, Windows 7,8,8.1,10 and many more. This device can also be connected to Android smartphones using OTG cables.

With this gamepad controller, you can play all your favourite games and have a great time. The controls of this gamepad controller are similar to that of all the standard ps3 controllers.

This gamepad can also be used for TV as it has an operation range of 5 metres. It weighs 68 grams. The dimensions of this gamepad controller are 20.5 cm by 15.5 cm by 2.3 cm.

Apart from being the best gamepad for pc, this is also the best gamepad for android tv, as you will be easily able to browse through all the options or scrub through the timeline of a movie on your smart tv using this gamepad with utmost ease.

The QHM7487 USB GamePad gamepad by Quantum is one of the best gamepads available under Rs.500. This game pad controller is loaded with so many features which are not present in a number of gamepads available online.

You should definitely go forward to buy this gamepad online rather than buying any other highly-priced gamepad. The biggest feature of this gamepad controller is that it enjoys compatibility with a number of different types of devices. This gamepad controller is at par in terms of longevity and ease of usability and is the best option gamepads available

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